Building hope for boys without families and families without homes.

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It is sad to see orphans, especially if the children were abandoned by their parents. Thus, we are doing our best to make sure that these children will still receive the same love, support, and care that their parents should've given them. We are continuously seeking help from sponsors and doing income generating activities to support our activities and programs. These programs are concentrated on making them feel cherished, teaching them how to help other people, and helping them finish their studies. We are using our websites to call for support with other people and organizations, update our sponsors with the latest news and our activities and programs, and our contact information for those who want to volunteer or send some help. Sometimes, we are buying traffic from so that our website will have a huge number of visitors. We are one of the satisfied customers of their service because it really helped our website to gain more attention.

Home Building

Since 1988, Project Mexico has been building safe, secure and weather-tight homes for some of the most impoverished families in Northern Mexico. Every home is constructed over the course of four days and built entirely with volunteer labor. Once complete, these homes are provided so that these families can build a brighter future for themselves and their children.

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St. Innocent Orphanage

St. Innocent Orphanage is located near Rosarito, Mexico on a beautiful 16-acre ranch. St. Innocent Orphanage was founded in 1996, by Greg Yova, to provide a home for orphaned teenage boys. This home surpasses the basic needs of our youngsters and provides them with spiritual direction, a public education enhanced by private tutoring, athletics and extra-curricular activities and most importantly, tremendous amounts of love from all of the staff and volunteers.

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